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: by Jeffrey Warber D.C., M.D.:
ADD/ADHD, ADD/ADHD Recipes, Allergies (Seasonal), Alkaline Diet, Alternatives to Antibiotics, American Diet and Stroke, An Aspirin a Day?, Antibiotics, Autism,

Babies Sleeping with Parents, Bladder Cancer, Bird Flu, Birth Control Pill, Bowel Program,

Candida, Canker Sores, Coconut Oil, Color Therapy, Cure a Cold and Flu in 12 Hours,

Dandruff, Detox Diet, Diabetes (Type II), Digestive Problems,

Ear Ringing (Tinnitus), Elimination and Rotation Diet, Eye Exercises,

Fibroids, Flu Shot Scam, Foods for Blood Types,

Gallstones, Gout,

Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis), High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Homeopathy-Do's and Don'ts, Homeopathy (finding the correct treatment), Honey, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Hypothyroidism,

Indigestion, Infant Massage, Inflammation (Reduce Naturally), Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Spastic Colon,

Juice Fasting,

Keys to a Healthy Immune System, Kidney Cleanse and Flush,

Liver Flush,

Mammogram, Migraine Elimination Diet,

Neck and Arm Pain,

Olive Oil Chemistry, Osteoporosis, Overuse of Antibiotics,

Parasite Cleanse. pH of Foods, PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), Prostate Cancer,


Reduce Inflammation Naturally, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus),

Salt, Seasonal Allergies, Sexual Dysfunction (Female), Side Effects of Birth Control Pill, Sinus Irrigation, Soy, STOP CODEX NOW, Stroke, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Sugar,

Tinnitus, Top 20 Antioxidants, Type 2 Diabetes,



Water, Weight Loss, Why We Need Supplements, Yeast,

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Help With a Study

Study #1 - Seasonal allergies. Go to the Seasonal Allergies page and read "You Can Help With a Study"

Study #2 - Cold and Flu. Can you cure it in 12 hours? Got to Cure the Cold and Flu in 12 Hours page and report the results.

:: Latest Questions

Question 1--- Dear Dr Jeff, I had been suffering from gout attack for the past three years, I had read your valuable article on body pH levels. I have a question, considering the alkaline food on the charts would it help in reducing my uric acid levels?

Answer--- Good Question! Gout is highly related to diet. Any attempt to clean up your diet will help reduce the symptoms of gout. Pay careful attention to certain foods, because some can increase the levels of uric acid in the blood stream and some can reduce levels. Certain foods are also natural pain relievers and some will act as beneficial antioxidants. To find out more, read about gout.