If you have not been tested for food tolerance / intolerance, or you do not have inspiration and time and energy to try rotation-elimination diet - by following the Blood Type Diet you can get very close to the list of food items that you tolerate.

Blood Type Diet is based on the fact that people with same blood type (O, A, B, AB )

and same race (Asian, Caucasian, African, Native American, Australian)

are very similar in the way how they tolerate different foods.

Click on the foods below and find out which food you can eat for your blood type.

Beans, Beverages, Condiments, Dairy, Eggs, Exercise,

Fish, Fruit, Grains, Herbs and Spices, Meat, Medicinal Herbs,

Nuts and Seeds, Oils (cold pressed), Supplements (vitamins and minerals),

Sweeteners, Vegetables